About Us

We strive on being fresh, dynamic and forward thinking towards talent acquisition through innovation for the UK’s tech echo system.

Our success is founded on our positive outlook, pro-active attitude and expressive mindset for the the growth and development for our technological future.

Our primary ethos is to underpin our business with a formidable social code that allows us to provide the most recognised and imaginative service for all of our clients. We consistently go all out to deliver real added-value results so that they can discover ground breaking solutions within the shortest time frame possible.

We believe that a successful outcome for all involves encouraging and recognising that breaking traditional rules and thinking outside of the box is in fact what is going to shape how we keep up with the ever changing advances that surround each and every day. 

Be…Bold..Disruptive & Inquisitive

Encourage…Uniqueness..Innovation & Growth

To help business identify disruptive ideas with the engagement of untapped talent pools within their own industry sector.

To foster and grow a community of enthusiasts by hosting hackathons that encourage people to push the boundaries of technical innovation.

Having built upon our first Partnership Project originally introduced in 2015, we have extended our Annual Internship Program and Graduate Scheme to the international market.

Our aim is to exemplify our commitment to premier international talent acquisition by providing our own internal onboarding process the opportunity to recruit graduates from across the global and leverage their experience to benefit both personal and professional growth.

We offer annual scholar internships with training and on the job mentoring from our Senior Consultants with the opportunity to grow within our business, build their own portfolio as well as develop a network of contacts within their area of interest.

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Sarah Landry

Managing Director

Sarah has 15+ years technical recruitment experience, having started her career working for blue chip organisations she then moved in to an in-house HR Director position. In 2011, Sarah set up her first recruitment firm that quickly developed into a group of specialist consultancies that covered Data, Forensics, Governance and Risk as well Sales, Marketing and Conferencing. Her passion for innovation has led her to streamlining her business model to one progressive solution – Talent Hack.

Anna Bagley

Business Development

Anna started with DFGR in 2015 as a graduate of their Partnership Programme initiative and has consequently moved over to Talent Hack continuing her growth and passion of working European markets speacialising in Data, Forensics and Cryptography recruitment solutions.

Charlie Coppleston

Business Development

Charlie has extensive recruitment experience and has recently joined the Talent Hack team after re collaborating with Sarah after 10 years of acquaintance. Charlie is a frequent international traveler and now splits his time between the UK and Latin America.

William Stuart

Business Development

William has a background in data and security intelligence, having worked as a technical recruiter for the group for the past 5 years. William comes with a wealth of experience of also teaming up with several start-ups on product-based solutions.

Harry Phipps

Community Engagement

Harry has worked part time within the group since joining as an Intern is 2014. He is a full-time professional footballer and continues to do ad hoc work off season. He has developed a solid base of contacts within the academia and sporting industry sectors.

Hiba Khan

Community Engagement

Hiba started with DFGR in 2016 as a graduate of their Partnership Programme initiative and has consequently moved over to Talent Hack. As well as being part of the Talent Hack team, Hiba is a lecturer of Sociology at Cedar College in Karachi.

Ashley Robinson

Community Engagement

Ashley has a background in market research and engineering recruitment and moved over from DFGR to Talent Hack in 2018.  As well as being part of the Talent Hack team, Ashley teaches music for pupils with learning difficulties throughout Kent and Sussex.

Robert Dobson

Event Manager

Robert has been an invaluable independent consultant for the group since 2014. He is Managing Director of Phenomena London and CXOHelix.

Christina Spencer

Event Co-ordinator

Christina started with DFGR in 2015 as a graduate of their Partnership Programme, she now assists Rob with Event Management.

Maria Morgan

Office Manager

Maria has worked part time within the group since joining in 2015. If you have any questions regarding your SLA, Maria is the one contact!

Jane Adams

Media Communications

Jane has is an independent consultant for the group and would be happy to help you with any of your media inquiries.

We are always on the look out

What's it like working for Talent Hack? Imagine your dream job, with sprinkles on top! We invest in inspiring, ambitious individuals who take a fresh look at the world.

2019 Partnership Project

Want the chance to be a part of our 1st July 2019 intake? Great, register for our annual Internship Hackathon in May. Closing date is 22nd May 2019.
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