UK FinTech Week 2020 – Reinvent Retail Banking

Financial Innovation: disrupt, challenge & modernise

Talent Hack brings you a 48-hour hackathon of product development, where diverse ideas collide, and the best ones emerge as a new product or service. It’s a madhouse of creative fun, with Coders, Designers and Marketers working together in teams for accelerated productivity.

A unique pedagogical experience awaits you! Be mentored by the best experts leading your team to success, create your very own network of innovators and meet and work with your future colleagues, co-founders, friends.

Shine in front of tech leaders by presenting your project on stage and walking away with the winning prize.

The Challenge:

We have two main Retail Banking challenges for you to choose from:

Challenge 1:

  • Peer2peer Lending
  • B2B transactions
  • C2C transactions
  • Payment sharing
  • Mobile Payments (Apple Pay, NFC)
  • Smart Settlements

Challenge 2:

  • Account Management
  • Card Management
  • Banking Loyalty Programs
  • Automated billing
  • Personal Banking Security
  • Money Transfer
  • Loans Management
  • Credit Rating (Individual)
  • Fraud Control
  • User-Experience for Investment

The Target:

The Hackathon brings together FinTech developers and designers to develop financial products and discover new technologies. Example applications include innovations in risk management, trading, investing, personal finance, big data, retail banking, regulatory compliance, mobile payments and enterprise social.

Having said that, we don’t want to exclude people who don’t have coding experience. The only skill you need to bring to the competition is creative thinking and great ideas!

For participants from non-coding backgrounds, we will accept the following deliverables: Business Idea, Business Model Canvas, Interactive Mock-up or Prototype (without coding). 

Our Calling:

This competition is open for all residents in UK.

University students, working professionals from all industries, businesses, entrepreneurs and startups are welcome.

Whether you come with a fully developed concept or a brief idea, our Mentors will help you to frame your idea into a product during the competition.

If you are an individual, we will assign you to a team or you may form your own team during the registration period at the start of the competition.

How to Enter:

Registration is now open and closes on 13th April 2020. To validate your entry please fill out this form and you will receive a welcome email with all the details on what to expect and the resources you need to be ready to go on the day of the event. We will also provide you with a digital marketing pack so that you can promote your company involvement as well as recruit internal company team members. 

Hackathon Rules:

Details of the Hackathon will be made available the day before the event to ensure a level playing field for all participants! You will also receive all channel and mentor information in an email 48hrs before the event.

In the meantime, we’d love the opportunity to engage with you and get to know you better! Learn more about Talent Hack and get involved with our work through our social channels on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Signing Up:

The event is open to anyone who resides in UK. We want to have multi-functional teams of 4 to 6 people working together. You may register as a team or as an individual. If you register as an individual, you will be randomly assigned into a team.

Once your teams are formed, register your team at us the names of your team member and organization. Note: You can register more than one team per company.

Event Details/Agenda:

Start & Finish: The event will begin on Friday 17th April 2020 @ 19:00hrs and run until Sunday 19th April 2020 @ 16:00hrs.

Kick-Off: The team at Talent Hack will kick off with a presentation briefly explaining what we’re all about and give you some inspiration for challenges you will work on.

Teams: You will be working in teams of 4-6 people. As mentioned, the aim is to build solutions as teams, so make sure everyone in your team can contribute in a way that allows you to present a complete solution/product at the end of the day.

Suggested Team Roles: Ideation person. Designer. Developer. Domain Expert. Business Expert. Marketing Guru.

Challenge: Choose one of our two challenge that specifically excites the team; be creative, innovative and put yourself in the shoes of your target audience to give them the best experience possible!

Presentation: Every team will present the hack they’ve built with a demo (if time allows) the same afternoon in the last hour of the event. The TH team along with their judging panel will ask questions on solutions and products and at the end of the day, decide on the winning team.

Winners: The winning team will have an original idea, that’s both innovative and customer focused, as well as well-executed.

Logistics: All you need is your laptop lots of enthusiasm!

Prizes: The point of this hackathon is to come together with other like-minded professionals to work on solving the most pressing problems facing the agricultural sector today.

So, join us for the purpose of connecting, networking, empowering each other and having lots of fun along the way. The true prize lies in the unique and collaborative experience!

Judging Criteria:

Customer validation (Does the business have a good understanding of customers and their needs)

  • Did your team get out and talk to customers?
  • Who will be your users, who will be your customers (are they different)?
  • How many users have you interviewed?
  • Did you target the correct people to interview?
  • What did you learn from your customer interviews (revenue)?
  • What are the core needs of your users?

Execution & design 

  • What feedback have you gotten to inspire your minimum viable product?
  • Did you build a prototype (paper or powerpoint)
  • How effective is your “minimal viable product” for the weekend (be it software, hardware, etc.)?
  • How functional is your technical demo?
  • How easy is it for the user to navigate and use your product?
  • Were you able to incorporate customer feedback into the solution?

Business model (Is this business feasible)

  • Is it a big/unique idea?
  • What is your key value proposition?
  • How do you plan on making this a successful business?
  • Have you thought about competition, how to scale, acquiring customers, revenue model etc.?
  • Have you identified a specific target market?
  • How will they acquire their first 100 customers?


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17 04 2020 - 19 04 2020


19:00 - 16:00

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: 17 04 2020 - 19 04 2020
  • Time: 14:00 - 11:00


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